GSM Construction Chemicals and Chemicals manufacturing plant was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July 2013 G.C to serve chemical & chemical products market.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our customers are satisfied with our products and trust our business.

We are committed to
  • Create a leadership position for GSM Construction Chemicals and will provide a challenging and dynamic atmosphere in order to attract, develop and retain good caliber staff in the industry.
  • Offer customers and clients full paint solutions and to exceed customer expectations by delivering solutions founded on an incisive understanding of their needs.
  • GSM Construction Chemicals adheres to all relevant Acts, Standards and Regulations.
  • Create jobs for the local community and training programs to develop and improve skills.
  • Be the first choice of paint, Quartz, Admixture, Silicone sealant, Hot melt Glue etc...
  • Affordable good quality hardware (power tools, plumbing etc)
  • Educate the contractors by offering training
  • Understand customers’ existing and potential needs.
  • Project a professional image
  • Deliver friendly, professional service consistently through

What we do

One of our competitive advantages lies in the guidance and management of our shareholders, who has extensive knowledge of the technical aspects as well as the manufacturing industry, industrial relations and safety & security. Management’s strategic approach during the startup period will make it possible for the business to supply products to retail outlets and also establish a foothold in the development industry.
GSM chemical and chemicals’ involvement with the retail sector, which remains one of its main focus areas, is aimed at ensuring efficient delivery of affordable and quality products:
  • Develop a repeat-business of loyal customers through a unique service.
  • Expand the market share through aggressive media advertising and promotions.
  • Develop a stable, skilled, motivated and loyal workforce through ongoing training and motivational incentives.
  • On a later stage, opening owner shops and franchise

our clients