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Ethiocoat CW is cement based waterproofing system, which provides a permanent solution to water leakage, ingress or seepage in concrete structures or any cementitious substrates. Applied as a surface treatment, Ethiocoat CW provides a deep seal penetration and protects against fresh and salt water under pressure.

Ethiocoat CW penetrates into the pores of the substrate by capillary action and is channeled to the lower depths of the concrete by the moisture that is present, this occurs even in the smallest pores and capillaries. The reaction between moisture and the active Ethiocoat CW chemicals creates a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals. The crystal formation follows the water back as far as it is present in the structure. The capillaries are permanently blocked to the passage of water however vapour may pass allowing the structure to breathe.

Rate and penetration of crystal formation depends on the presence of free lime and the density of the concrete. Old concrete may have no free lime present and these needs to be determined prior to application. Seek advice prior to waterproofing old structures. Ethiocoat CW is applied as slurry directly to the concrete substrate. This is used for general waterproofing of tanks, tunnels, basements and reservoirs. It is also used in powder form on horizontal construction joints and pile caps. Repair uneven surfaces after the application of Ethiocoat CW.