Investment Cost
Construction cost : 450 million
Machine and other cost : 550 million
Total estimated cost = 1 billion ETB

Gast Entertainment Mall recently opened around CMC and it’s the first of its kind in Addis in many ways but especially because it’s the first mall fully dedicated to entertainment. An ice cream shop, cafés and other businesses occupy at the main lobby but everything from the first floor up is entirely entertainment.

Going up the farthest right staircase, the first floor is occupied by a sprawling gym equipped with the latest weight machines, treadmills and anything else a state of the art gym requires. We even have a Dedicated group cycling, aerobics and jumping fitness room. Salons and spas occupy the top two floors – men on the seventh and women on the sixth floor. Up next are two floors of arcade games with Especial games like BMW bumper cars, flight simulators, 9D simulators, karaoke and other newly arrived games. On the third floor we have a kids play ground and a mirror maze. The kids’ playground is wide and fully supervised, taking up a three-story space. The mirror maze, depending on your degree of being spooked and thrilled, falls between mildly interesting or a nail biting experience.

Going up the farthest left staircase, Up next is Food Court followed by Seven movie cinemas, one of which has a VIP section at the back, and five exclusively VIP cinemas two of them accessed through the Bazooka Ball room.

The VIP cinemas seat no more than fifteen people at a time, boasting temperature adjustable reclining seats and the option of ordering anything while watching the movie. That’s right, a waiter will come take your order and serve you in the cinema. Our two Gold Cinemas with Spacious seating, relaxed ambience and the ultimate in viewing comfort make the precise cut. And, if that’s not all, your experience only gets more real with superior picture and sound. Leave the drama to the screen, sit back, and engage with the movies, just the way you wish.

And at long last, we find the laser tag arena and Bazooka Ball. Now, this is a lot of fun for everyone. With the option of teaming up or going at it solo, this game is best played in groups, the larger the better. The arena has two floors and is wide enough to handle a lot of people.

Playing in Gast’s playgrounds supports learning, increases children’s concentration, improves their social skills and fosters their creativity in a safe environment. Apart from being fun, of course! Browse our wide collection of playground equipment such a s swings, slides, jumping, , play towers and climbing frames.